Best Paper Award at IEEE URTC'17!

Since 2014, I have been one of the advisors of an interdiscplinary capstone team that works on building out an emulated power grid. Our goal is to try and publish with the students every year, but this is the first year that a student-led paper won Best Paper!

My student, Spencer Drakontaidis presented the paper “Investigating a Raspberry Pi Cluster for Detecting Anomalies in the Smart Grid”, at the IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference (URTC'17). The work, which was conducted by last year’s capstone team, explored the feasability of using a Raspberry Pi cluster to perform historical anomaly detection of synchrophasor data. Unlike the work that was presented at UEMCON last month, this paper focuses on large collections of synchrophasor data, with the focus of historical analysis (v.s. real-time detection). I’m especially proud of Spencer, who, even though he was not an author of the paper (he is on this year’s capstone team and is just starting work!) volunteered to present the paper as preparation for his capstone work this year. He did such an amazing job presenting that he took first place!! Way to go Spencer!


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