This is the new home for Technical Musings, the technical blog I have maintained for a number of years. Virtually all the posts prior to 2022 were ported directly from the old site. I also addd a bunch of news items (from my old personal website) that are now curated under the News category. While my old blog will be perserved for posterity, all current/future updates will occur here.

The Best Imager for the Raspberry Pi?

Note: I did not get paid for this review. I write reviews occasionally because I know there are educators who read my blog about using the Raspberry Pi Happy summer folks! My Raspberry Pi 4 CanaKits that were backorded months ago finally arrived, and I’ve been using those to build some remaining clusters for my students. Thanks to the chip shortage, my only option to get Pis were to buy the more expensive Raspberry Pi 4 starter kits, which are significantly more expensive than just a board and a power cable, and came with a lot of things I didn’t need or want.

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New website!

If you’ve visited this site in the past, you may notice that things look pretty different. Now that it’s summer again, I’ve spent most of my nights working on completely overhauling this website. Why this change? Over the last couple of years, I have grown increasingly dissatisfied about how I maintained and updated my website, and the fact that my technical blog was a wholly separate entity from my main site.

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Dive into Systems is now an NSF-funded project!

Kevin, Tia and I are so happy to announce that Dive into Systems is now officially an NSF-funded project! Over the next three years, we plan on building out our free online text to include interactive content, including exercises, worked solutions and an upgraded instructor portal. We hope that all these changes will make Dive into Systems even more useful for the CS Ed community. Here are the links to our collaborative research awards:

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Raspberry Pi Cluster headless setup with VNC

Yesterday, I was in Providence RI presenting a workshop with the CSinParallel folks at SIGCSE'22. As part of the workshop, we demo’d the self organizing clusters that my students use at West Point (shown below): Before I continue, I should mention that these clusters are truly a reflection of the collaborative effort that is CSinParallel. Specifically: The case design was developed at West Point by myself and Frank Blackmon The self organizing cluster concept an initial image was developed at St.

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2022 Jean Bartik Computing Symposium

The 2022 Jean Bartik Computing Symposium was held on February 10-11, 2022 at West Point. This is the third iteration of this conference. Adina, Traci and I are so thrilled that we could put on this conference for our students. Despite all the challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, we were so happy to have such successful and safe conference! I am so grateful to everyone who helped plan this year’s conference, especially everyone at West Point who was part of the local planning committee this year.

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