CSinParallel NSF Award!

Man, I have been waiting for nearly a year to write this post! I’m thrilled to announce that I am the West Point PI on the Collaborative Research Grant entitled, “Collaborative Research: CSinParallel: Experiential Learning of Parallel and Distributed Computing Through Sight, Sound, and Touch”. While I have been part of the CsinParallel leadership team since 2015, this is the first time I am participating as a PI! I am really excited about this award (especially since it is my first NSF grant), and looking forward to working with the CSinParallel team on this new endeavour! Over the next three years, we plan on creating novel materials to teach parallel and distributed computing that engages learners through a variety of senses. This is a collaboration between West Point, St. Olaf College, and Calvin College.

Here are the links to our collaborative research awards:

St. Olaf

Calvin University

West Point