An Open-Source BinaryGame for Learning Reverse Engineering

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Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, Volume 38, Issue 8
author = {Gourdine, D'Angelo and Matthews, Suzanne J.},
title = {An Open-Source BinaryGame for Learning Reverse Engineering},
year = {2023},
issue_date = {April 2023},
publisher = {Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges},
address = {Evansville, IN, USA},
volume = {38},
number = {8},
issn = {1937-4771},
abstract = {This paper introduces an open-source BinaryGame that assists students learning reverse engineering. The game consists of ten levels that increase in difficulty, help pages on GDB, and supports three flavors of assembly language. Work on the BinaryGame is ongoing; for our initial study, we used the BinaryGame to introduce students in a computer systems \& organization course to Arm assembly. These students had prior knowledge of x64 assembly, but no prior knowledge of Arm assembly; our goal was to boost our students' confidence in learning unfamiliar assembly languages. Our results suggest that the BinaryGame increased student confidence in their a.) general reverse engineering abilities; b.) ability to reverse engineer programs in an unfamiliar assembly language, and c.) ability to reverse programs in Arm assembly. We believe that the BinaryGame can help students build their reverse engineering skillset.},
journal = {Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges},
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